Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Layaly Ramadan Lands in Family Park

Taking over the popular east Cairo park starting this Friday June 26th, Layaly Ramadan promises food, fun and wholesome family times as they put on an al fresco iftar and plenty of activities all month long.

Staff Writer

Ramadan is all about spending time with family. And you know, spirituality and philanthropy and tawla and konafa. Because when else do you get to consume endless plates of sharbat-soaked sweets guilt-free? But we digress. At its core, many people find Ramadan to be a time of togetherness. Togetherness and food that is. But amidst a sea of stuffy seated Iftars and nocturnal Sohour kheimas, Layaly Ramadan is bringing together those sacred meals plus a whole host of other things, in the fresh outdoor air no less, to create some perfect evenings for this month.

Starting this Friday June 26th until the end of Ramadan, Family Park will be taken over by Layaly Ramadan for a daily dose of wholesome food and fun. What differentiates this from the rest of Ramadan’s endless events is its sheer diversity and the fact that it really is geared at the whole family instead of just adults who are then left wondering what to do with their kids. “It’s a family event, not just Iftar,” Nohir Saleh, co-founder of the event, tells us. Realising that Ramadan Iftars were not always family friendly, Saleh and a group of like-minded mothers decided to remedy this. “The whole thing started because we all have kids. We’re all working mums and Iftars and Sohours aren’t always kid friendly. It’s very seated, there’s shisha everywhere… So we thought, why not spend Ramadan in a healthy way?”

So they decided to combine food and fresh air, activities and exercise, and well, a little bit of shopping. There will be vendors galore spread out through the grassy park. For Iftar, you can just pop by, no reservations needed, and grab a delicious meal from one of the stands on hand, like Bites Catering or Al Dahan, to break your fast with. You know, for those days when you just can’t face slaving over a stove to cook Iftar? But it’s so late! Where do we reserve!? But what to do with the kids?! Take them to the park. Duh. Problem solved. Alternately, if you’re a larger group, you can reserve ahead for an Iftar feast to be whipped up for you by Crevette. And all of this is done in spacey, nature-filled venue. “It’s nice to have Iftar in the open air,” Saleh says simply.

Plus, after you’ve sufficiently stuffed your face like we all do come sunset, Layaly Ramadan has a plethora of activities for you to partake in. “We’re going to have kids activities, fitness crew Chefox will be there, and there’s going to be a bicycle tour! There’s also a bazaar area and even a Lipton Lounge for people to chill – there’s a little bit of everything,” Saleh tells us. The daily event literally has something for everyone; kids have workshops and activities to take part in so they’re kept preoccupied while you digest your enormous meal. If you feel like getting active, Chefox will be on hand with some fitness classes; or you can take a more leisurely cycling tour through the park. There’s going to be a Lego show, an El Leila El Kabeera show, and our personal favourite – stall after stall loaded with munchies. From Dixie Crème to Natalia’s Cake Desserts to Fruitology, your sweet tooth is totally covered after Iftar all the way to Sohour. And that’s always good news in our book. “There’s a big variety of food; everyone can choose what cuisine they want from the stalls or cafes that have been set up!”

Plus there will be loads of stands on hand selling cute things, “everything from home accessories to prayer sets.” There will be Dina Marei, Craftacious, and Covertura to name a few. If you’re in the mood for some laid back Ramadan family evenings, Layaly is probably your best bet! Plus they may even have some surprises up their sleeve for Eid…

You can find out more about the event here or follow them on Instagram @layaly.ramadan2015. Call 01066754614 to reserve.