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Look Up From Your Phone & Connect Fel Park

Imagine a sun-drenched afternoon, surrounded by greenery, music, good vibes and plent of food. Fel Park is back and Bringin' Spring this Friday 8th May...

“Now the park is so quiet, it gives me a chill; see no children outside and the swings hanging still. There no skipping, no hopscotch, no games and no steeple. We’re a generation of idiots. Smart phones and dumb people..." Rings a bell? You probably remember the viral sensation ‘Look Up’ that took our eyes off the screen last year to shed light on the importance of real human interaction.

Taking matters to their own hands, Fel Park is back with another epic event dubbed Bringin' Spring this Friday, May 8th - an sun-drenched afternoon promising to make you forget all about your smartphone. The initiative was developed in collaboration with Efssel, a community spearheaded by a group of AUC students who aim to reduce the overuse of smartphones and raise awareness about its negative effects on personal relationships with family and friends.  

Kicking off bright and early, the event will offer visitors a wide array of activities, such as losing themselves to inspiring music curated by Cairo Jazz Club, fighting stress and finding serenity with Yogi Ali, exhausting the sporting spirit in the football area, or breathing in some fresh air by the company of a good book and delicious food. Among the exciting array of stands, from Waffle Station or Zak’s Pies, to Le Tricycle and La Boheme, Top Choice Admissions will be awaiting for young graduates on the outlook for opportunities to study abroad.

The brainchild of Egyptian entrepreneur-moms Eman Badawi and Sara Seif, Fel Park was born last December as an attempt to bring entertainment back to terms with nature and provide affordable outdoor activity solutions for Egyptian families.

“Technology has taken over our lives. I used to play with Barbie, spend my free times at the club playing with other kids. Now, it’s all about iPads and iPhones. The obsession with technology made us forget about connecting with nature and people, even for us adults; we've stopped actually socialising,” Eman Badawi told us in an interview last March.

Their newborn company has gone from promise to success, as they hosted 600 people at their first event, a Breakfast with Santa held last December. The duo hosted their second event in March, when they surprised visitors with live music, art exhibitions, yoga, children activities and board games at The Market.

This coming Friday, the event not only caters to families but also young couples and groups of friends, featuring inventive initiatives inspired by Efssel such as a WhatsApp corner, where visitors can have actual conversations, an Instagram corner to take real life Polaroid pictures, and spaces specially devoted for indulging themselves into just chilling out.

Find out more about Fel Park and how attend here.