Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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‘Ma3aki’ Makes Adorable Period Self-Care Packages for that Time of the Month

This local brand is looking to make your period just a little more bearable with their self-care kits including pads, snacks, body scrubs and more. Because periods are bloody hard.

Staff Writer

‘Ma3aki’ Makes Adorable Period Self-Care Packages for that Time of the Month

With PMS and seemingly never-ending cramps, to describe that time of the month as difficult for many women would be – to say the very, very least – a gross understatement. But looking to make it a little bit easier is Ma3aki (meaning ‘with you’ in Arabic), a local Egyptian brand offering super cute period self-care packages. 

Their “original box” – which costs EGP 399 -  includes pads or tampons (your choice), two pairs of panties, herbal teas, and deodorant. Also included in the package are wet wipes, a candle, body scrub, body butter and - the most important one of all obviously - snacks.

“Ma3aki is comfortable and it’s convenient. The pain is still there, but it’s nice to feel pampered,” founder Mohrah Naitah tells CairoScene. “It also saves you an uncomfortable trip to the pharmacy.” While we’re at it, it also saves us from the uncomfortable moment that haunts us every month where we describe to the nervous pharmacist exactly the type of pads we need over the phone. 

The packages are currently available in two themes: Sun, where the candle, body butter and body scrub have a vanilla scent, or Sky, where these items have a blueberries and lavender scent. Right now, only the original box is available, but soon the brand will be launching a basic box and a premium box as well. 

The brand has organized two delivery batches - one on the 1st of every month and one on the 15th - and are working on a monthly subscription plan. The first delivery date is on May 1st but you can pre-order now from the website at