Thursday April 18th, 2024
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Mama's Tiramisu

We talk to the mother-son duo who have introduced real, delicious Italian desserts to Cairo.

Staff Writer

Mama's Tiramisu

In our humble opinion, tiramisu may just be the best thing to come out of Italy – y'know, aside from pizza and hot guys. It's dessert AND coffee for God's sake – what more could a caffeine-addicted, sugar-coma-loving human ask for? Not much, we think, not much. Given our eternal love for foods that cause us to hide the scales in a deep dark corner of our closet, when we came across Mama's Tiramisu on Instagram (our resident treasure trove of all delicious discoveries), we quickly said a thank you to the dessert gods and decided to find out a little more.

The brand was started in 2010 by Amal Nasser with the help of her son Ahmed Nasser. "Since way back she would make tiramisu whenever we had people over," Ahmed tells us. "Whereas other people would make cakes or cookies, she'd always make tiramisu!" Eventually, people started asking for orders but the real turning point came at Ahmed's high school prom where the Student Council suggested selling tiramisu to raise money for the prom (how American of them). "It was unbelievable," Ahmed says, "Kids were lining up like crazy, so that's when she decided to make it a business!"

As you probably know, finding good tiramisu in Cairo is no easy feat, so seeing a gap in the market Nasser filled it with coffee-infused goodness! Mama's Tiramisu boasts some brilliant flavours aside from your typical coffee – there's chocolate, cinnamon, and even (oh sweet lord) Oreo tiramisu! And when the season's right, they infuse the tiramisu with fruits – strawberries, mangoes, you name it. We really prefer our fruits when they're soaked in chocolate, sugar and coffee…

At the moment you can order online but the mouthwatering brand will be opening a new store soon – like two weeks soon – in Zamalek so you can get your sweet tooth pick-me-up whenever you feel like it.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @mamastiramisu.