Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Mr. Jameson Is Pretty Awesome

Here's what we learned about the pirate-fighting, triple distilling makers of the finest Irish whiskey at this week's Jameson event...

Staff Writer

What makes Irish Whiskey different from an American whisky or scotch? What does triple distilled actually mean? Who is Jameson? What is the optimum amount of responsibility you should be drinking with? As avid whisky and whiskey drinkers we jumped at the chance to attend Jameson’s tasting session with their Irish ambassador Peter. Here are some useful things we learned…

Drinking responsibly is directly proportional to quantity regardless of quality. Just because Jameson is smooth and silky does not mean if you drink more of it you will get more… responsible.

If you put your hand over a glass of whisky whilst stirring it, and then smell it you can almost instantaneously taste through your nose what kind you’re drinking before you taste it.

Scotch has a muskier, smokier feel to it which sticks to the top of your mouth, American whisky smells much sweeter due to the percentage of corn used in it and Jameson whiskey (Irish whiskey is always spelt with an 'e') feels like a million mini merry leprechauns are riding a magical gondola down your esophagus, weeeeee, and it's made specifically from barley found in Ireland.

The colour of whiskey, that brownish, golden shade, is a direct result of the type of wooden barrel used to store the spirit after it’s distilled. The barrels were formerly used to hold sherry and bourbon. The contents of these two different types of cask with the whiskey spirit are mixed together for the blend in every bottle of Jameson.

99% of people who like Jameson, also wear flannel shirts...

Mr. John Jameson, the founder of Jameson was kick-ass guy he made a living from battling pirates in the high seas in the early 1500s hence the Latin motto on the bottle “sine metu” which translates to without fear. If we were to sit down with anyone alive or dead over a glass of whiskey, it’ll probably be John Jameson.

Jameson’s first distillery was founded in 1780 in Dublin, and the city was actually built around it meson personally selected the barley and casks, insisting his whiskey be distilled three times, not twice like Scottish whiskey, to create a spirit that’s twice as smooth.

Irish people have a real knack for raffle calling and gift giving. Just look at these smiles: 

Egypt is actually the biggest seller of Jameson in the region and it’s the best selling whiskey in the Middle East. It's easy to see why...