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Muslim Bride Lays Bouquet at Sydney Siege Memorial

In a touching display of national unity, a newly-wed Australian Muslim couple make a pit-stop to pay tribute to those killed in the Sydney Siege.

Usually at some point in wedding festivities, the bride tosses her bouquet to a crowd of squealing women. But for one Muslim bride in Australia, this tradition was swapped for the laying of her bouquet on a memorial for the victims of the Sydney café siege.

Manal Kassem, the bride in question, and her husband Mahmoud Homaisi, stopped at the growing memorial at Martin Place, after their wedding. Still in her elaborate wedding dress, a hijab, and veil, Kassem lay down her bridal bouquet atop a mound of other flowers left in tribute of those killed.

The bride’s touching tribute was applauded by the surrounding crowd and even made its way to Twitter, where loads of people Tweeted in support of her gesture.

“She made is a priority to visit the memorial site as the first pit stop,” Dina Kheir, the couple’s wedding planner to the Australian Associated Press (AAP),“She did it out of respect for her country, that will one day be the country of her children and grandchildren.”