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PornHub's #1 Ranked Star Proves Arabs Got Talent

Data accumulated by one of the world's most popular porn sites has deemed Lebanese Mia Khalifa as the most popular star.

Don’t let anyone tell you Arabs don’t got talent; Mia Khalifa, Lebanese born and bred, has just been announced as PornHub’s number one ranked porn star. So yes, as a region we may not dominate at like, sports or academics, but well, when it comes to porn, apparently we’re ahead of the game. Somewhat ironic, considering the Arab world is notorious for being about as sexually repressive as you can get.

Obviously, Twitter is going insane over the news; the Arab world is up in arms about ezzay the person who basically wins porn is Arab, but the porn princess has taken it upon herself to reply to the barrage of Tweets attacking her. Hey guys, at least our notoriety has shifted momentarily from terrorism, right?

Though Lebanese through and through, Khalifa is based in Miami, and describes herself as the unofficial mascot of the Florida State Seminoles. We can’t comment as to whether her, err, achievement is a point of pride or shame – that’s for people to decide on their own, but after stalking her Instagram account, we can say that her boobs are something we should all, just as a general region, be proud of. If you've seen her, um, body of work, then you can make your own call with regards to her ranking. Also, does anyone else see a resemblance to Mindy Kaling?