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Pot Head

An innovation in safe sex, the Cannadom is the world's first marijuana flavoured condom...

Great news stoners and sex addicts of Egypt! A new cannabis condom has been released. We know what you're thinking, will it get either of you high? Unfortunately not. We thought maybe there could be some technology involved in which the weed enters the womens' body through osmosis via the vagina, but this technology doesn't exist apparently. Untill then we'll have to make do with these 'Cannadoms' that both taste and smell exactly like cannabis. Bright side, funny conversation starter (if you need to start a conversation before the sex), plus there's probably a chat up line in there for girls who like to get high... The only downside we can think of is being caught by sniffer dogs at the airport with cannabis condoms.

Get your weed johnnies here!