Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Serat: Customisable Interior Pieces With Folkloric Flare

Egyptian folk art and other cool designs on pillows, cushions, fabrics, frames, and more, Serat Frames has got you covered. If you're into that kinda of thing...

Staff Writer

Starting out with Serat Frames, Ahmed Youssry and Noha Salah managed to grow their project into a home interior brand in just five years, selling couches, pillows, wood pieces, and much more. Incorporating Egyptian folkloric art into their designs, and even customising special tailored pieces, the boys and girls behind the brand (actually, one boy and one girl) have managed to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack, excelling at what they do. We explore what they have to offer, and give you the lowdown on their quirky cool merchandise. 
Youssry and Salah were originally graphic designers that work at an advertising agency; with their passion for design, they created Serat as a side job. “We started in 2011," Salah told us. "It all started out with frames (for two years) and we later decided to add fabrics, which eventually opened a huge door for us”. What we love most about their brand is that we can customise anything we want: colours, patterns, and sizes! Most of their work is displayed in several galleries, including Ego Gallery.
So, if you're bored of all the cliché interior options out there and would like to add some folkloric flare to your house, check out their work via the links below. If you find something you like but not completely - there's just that one thing missing - no need to fret; as we said, they can customise all aspects of every piece.

Find their Instagram page here and Facebook page here.