Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Summer Essentials

Aida Aly brings you the definitive list of all your crucial summer thingamabobs, ensuring the smoothest possible experience so that nothing will get in the way of those sizzling summer escapades.

Staff Writer

Summer is in the air. With temperatures rising and perspiration increasing, the season of sa7eling has arrived. Soon Cairenes will start their migration to the Mediterranean leaving the city somewhat less overcrowded and unbearably overheated. But before venturing into the world of tans and bikinis, there a few things every Egyptian should remember packing.  

1. A duck face is important to have with you in Sa7el. It is your go-to asset when faced with a camera, and it will help you blend in with the rest of the crowd. 

2. You have not been to Sa7el unless your toes have been on Instagram. A lot of girls forget to pack nail polish and must therefore post pictures of their naked toenails. Nail polish is vital in Sa7el for an increase in Instagram likes. 

3. A blow-dryer and a hair straightener are important to help you create a subtle, natural hairstyle before taking a dip in the pool. Remember: do not dip your head in the water lest your hair be ruined.

4. Bringing along your DSLR camera is recommended to help you capture your unique pictures of the sunset. 

5. Your heels are of course your most important asset. They increase your confidence, make your body look slimmer and help you tower over people while feeling superior. You will need at least 3 or 4 pairs for morning brunches, sitting by the beach, outings and partying. 

6. Why get a fake tan before going to get an actual tan you ask? Upon arriving in Sa7el you will be met by sun-kissed beach bods. In order to fit in, you must arrive like you've been there the whole time. Therefore a fake tan is essential. 

7. As for the men, I don't need to mention how important it is to wear your Rosary necklace at all times. It is also recommended to show it as often as possible via staying topless as much as possible. In the rare occasion where you must wear a shirt, a very deep v-neck will do the trick. 

8. Shedding your winter fur is vital. While most men may frown upon waxing, it has been proven to attract women. None of us can resist a silky-smooth man. 

9. Maintaining traditions is part of our culture. Keeping the tradition of shortening men’s swimsuits alive, this year’s trunks should range from 10 to 15 cm 

10. All that aside, your forma is the most important thing. Don’t feel embarrassed to show-off and mention your guns whenever the opportunity arises. 

11. But above all, remember to have fun. (And to document it via countless Instagram posts)