Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Sun Spirit: Dahab Psytrance Comes to Cairo for Fright Night

Giving us a completely new take on Halloween right here in Cairo is none other than Sun Networks, the team behind Earth Dance, with a 16-hour party that is bound to be a memorable event.

Staff Writer

Sun Spirit: Dahab Psytrance Comes to Cairo for Fright Night

It happens every year around this time, people start asking what you are dressing up as for Halloween. And every year it ends in the exact same way - a 'sexy' cat...again.

Well ditch the mangey moggie for a trippy hippy this year and check out Cairo's first ever Halloween Psy-Trance party. Fresh from the Sinai success of Earth Dance, the Sun Networks crew are pulling out all the stops to deliver a super spooky Halloween extravaganza. 

The party is set to include top Psy-Trance talent from Egypt, Palestine, Germany and beyond as the region's top DJs go head to head on the decks. The event kicks off with a super chilled party from 2pm on October 31, before the gang fire up the decks from 6pm for a fright night stomp fest.

Speaking ahead of the party, organiser Jannik Beathead told Cairo Scene that the crew are cooking up something special. "The spirit that we experience on our events in Sinai and the desert is good and we want to deliver it here in Cairo!" he says.

"It will be in all ways a Sun Network style event, meaning with an international lineup including special guests, UV Psy decoration, backdrops and lights. We are bringing something new to Cairo, something that hasn't been done here before."

However Jannik claims that the event isn't just about having a good time. "As usual we are putting eyes on environmental sustainability and peace and the creation of a "we are one" feeling around the venue and what makes it different from previous events here," he adds.

"It is the first time that Sun Network is organising a rave in Cairo, so that already will be a new experience for us and for our guests. We can say that this one will be the first real Psy-Trance experience in terms of sound, visuals and location."

Tickets for the 16-hour party are just 250 EGP, including a welcome drink.

For more information visit the Facebook event here.