Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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The Waterway's Opening Is Set To Bring New Life To New Cairo

New Cairo's going to be a lot less boring this Saturday with the opening celebrations for Waterway's W Commercial Strip, that will be providing plenty of fun activities, a few surprises, and a whole lot to munch on.

Staff Writer

Having fun on Saturdays is never easy, especially if you live in New Cairo – it’s always just one café or the other. You sit at home in your armchair with your chin resting on top of your fist, huffing and puffing because New Cairo remains unimaginably boring. Instead of sitting around in the ‘I don’t know, what do you want to do’ circle of death, just haul ass over to Waterway’s opening of the W Commercial Strip this Saturday, March 12th, which should give you something far more interesting to do in that neck of town. We all tend to drift toward the same type of outings anyway – good food (even better if it’s free), kickass music, random fun things to do, and plenty of Instagrammable moments. At least, that’s why we’re going to the opening, anyway.


From 2 PM till 9 PM, you get to jam to wicked bands with some Samba-like and Jazzy surprises along the way, while munching (or finely dining, if you’re sophisticated) on some divine rolls from Mori, or savoury burgers from Mince, or a couple of Crave delicacies – or, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be headed straight to Nola and Coldstone. We should probably mention that the food will be free, so you can indulge all you want – there’ll even be shows and activities to keep your kids preoccupied while you munch away.

So, all you bored people of New Cairo, you have a better idea about what you’ll be up to this Saturday now, right?

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