Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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The World Cup on Your Phone

For when you just can't make it to a screen, we've rounded up the best HD streaming apps that put Brazil 2014 literally in your hands.

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The World Cup on Your Phone

While all your friends are out at some café. hollering away at the big screen over the next few weeks, you're still stuck at work. When everyone is discussing every little detail of Portugal's humilating defeat you didn't see the match, you were stuck in traffic. You didn't catch Van Persie's flying header because you were in the toilet doing a poop. Well, fret no longer unfortunate little pebling, because we've got some big news for you, you can literally stream the World Cup in HD, no start-stop buffering, just a perfect steam right in your very hands and all you need is a smart phone! We've compiled this list of the best World Cup streaming app for each mobile operating system...

Windows 8 Phone

World Cup Live Free 


Watch Football Live Stream

Smart News Egypt


Smart News Egypt

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