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These Egyptian Sisters Are Bringing The Art Of Candle Carving To Egypt

These passionate candle-making sisters are the first in their niche here in Egypt, and their beautiful waxy creations are bright little forms of art.

One of my firmest beliefs (right up there with global warming) is that home décor is as much a priority as having indoor plumbing is; what’s a home without character? A hovel, that’s what it is. I also happen to have a thing for candles' cozy lighting and "other applications". As luck would have it, Bernini Candles, a brand founded by sisters Salwa and Siham Hassan, manages to bring together both brilliant aesthetics and personalised, sentimental value to any would-be candle enthusiast.

The brand is Egypt’s first authentic carved candle business, offering artisanal, handmade, and customised carved candles. All you have to do is get in touch with them via Instagram, Facebook, or email and get to hashing things through with their creative director to make it your own personal incandescent creation, with prices ranging anywhere from EGP 85 to EGP 315.

“We got the idea about four years ago but only recently started acting on it in 2016,” Seham told me, “we went all over to learn more about the art of candle carving, starting in the US and eventually the UK, Scandinavia and Russia.” The sisters managed to learn from masters in the field during their visit to Moscow, and managed to get equipment tailor made to their specifications (after having to limbo under all the red tape), eventually starting their little workshop where all the magic happens.

“Making our candles and seeing the satisfaction on people’s faces gives us so much joy, we’re passionate about what we do, and creating the candles gives us the necessary escape we need from corporate life.” Seham commented, emphasizing the importance of having a form of expression to balance life out and make the world a prettier place while you’re at it.

The Hassan sisters plan to have their own gallery at some point in 2018, where they’ll showcase and sell their candles, they also plan to have workshops and public events where people of all ages can watch how it all happens and participate as well, in hopes of spreading the art of candle carving and giving people an outlet of their own.

You can take a look at Bernini’s lovely little candles and get in contact with them via their Instagram here as well as their Facebook there.