Friday December 1st, 2023
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This Egyptian Furniture Brand Will Turn Your Home into a Personalised Wonderland

Having kicked off in 2014, Iconic has to three grandiose showrooms in Cairo and Alexandria, and they customise any furniture piece in any way you like!

Staff Writer

When mama drags you out of bed in the morning to go furniture shopping, you moan and you groan because how boring! But as she drags you through the endless wonder world of furniture stores, the idea grows on you. You start to act like an adult and pretend like you have your life together. And then you start to take mental note of the items that will feature in your future house. And at one point, you start to believe that this could actually be a reality. We've all been there, don't be ashamed.

What if we told you that you could make all of your newfound furniture dreams come true in Egypt? With Egypt-appropriate prices, international quality standards, and have it customised exactly the way you want as well? Furniture store Iconic is now your ultimate Egyptian furniture haven.With branches around Alexandria and Cairo, Iconic’s grandiose showrooms will make you feel like you’re in grandma’s living room, except grandma is an English hipster who loved to mix vintage boudoir with contemporary English furnishings. So the result is something between superlative timeless statement pieces and a voguish English countryside arrangement. It’s kind of hard to explain because every single furniture item is custom-made by some of Egypt's most famous interior designers, some of which have over 30 years of experience. “We’ve travelled and we’ve seen a lot of the different furniture styles out there, but most things have one or two flaws in them,” says Nehal Eltayeb, Iconic's showroom manager. “So the design team decided to remove these flaws and allow everything to be customisable based on the needs of our customers.”Having started as a brand in 2014 in Alexandria, Iconic has now expanded to three locations. A showroom in Alexandria, another in Downtown Mall in Katameya Heights, Cairo, and their biggest showroom in Tagamoa Khames, taking up two floors in a villa. “Iconic is the number one furniture store in Alexandria right now. Almost every household will have something from us,” says a passionate Eltayeb.Not only is Iconic growing rapidly with their unmatched style and ability to customise any piece of furniture in their showroom, but all of their pieces are locally manufactured, and they source the majority of their materials from Egypt – including fabrics sourced from Seda Home Textiles. “It’s a huge headache sometimes. It’s not always easy to get things done in Egypt and we work really hard to produce high quality products with international standards. But it’s worth it,” says Eltayeb. And because everything is manufactured in Egypt, if you want one of their coffee tables except with rainbow coloured legs, they can do it for you. “That’s what gives our product value. We urge our customers to tell us their dreams and we have the tools and all of the resources to make that a reality,” continues Eltayeb. “Plus, we’re supporting local crafts while we’re at it!”The photos in this article definitely don’t do Iconic’s iconic style justice (sorry, not sorry). But you can check out their Downtown Mall showroom next Saturday the 29th of April from 7 pm onwards. They’ll be hosting an event that marks their joint venture with Seda Home Textiles. Maybe they’ll make us a Game of Thrones themed bedroom if we ask nicely enough?

Check out some of their most unique pieces below.

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