Saturday September 30th, 2023
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Top 10 Egyptian Nightclub Poses

Everyone is modalz...

Staff Writer

Something strange happens when we get in front of those cameras; all rational thinking goes out the window and suddenly we spend our 15 seconds of fame contorting our hands and torsos into all sorts of politically-incorrect gestures and down right awkward positions. After extensive research into all the photos taken on the 'Cairo Scene' over the last few years, here are the most used poses as modeled by Kurt Galalah, Menna Sherbini and some of the MO4 team...

El Gangsta

El Lesan
El La2 Inta! 
El Sa7b el DJ 
El Rock n Rolla
El Ezaza
El Bint Beta3ty 
El Blayer
El Sha3r
El Group