Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Who I Follow: Omar Salem

Filmmaker and photographer Omar Salem has a unique eye for stunning shots and dark humor. But who does he follow for some #InstaInspiration?

Staff Writer

Filmmaker and occasional portraiture pro Omar Salem has always entertained us with his hilariously sarcastic Facebook posts and funny Instagram uploads. Apart from his humorous side, the film buff is not only only picky about the movies he watches, but also the art and photography that appear on his timeline. We talk to the man with a special eye for aesthetics and find out who he follows.

@nois7 - Robert Jahns takes beautiful photos with magnificent colours. 

@shankspot - Shankspot's posts, which he calls shakhbata are actually amazing sketches he does for fun.



A photo posted by Shank (@shankspot) on

@filmpalette - Filmpalette introduces me every day to a new amazing photographer or cinematographer.


Went to my old school again. Everyone is so nice. ☺️ . Photo by @anthaang

A photo posted by FEATURE PAGE (@filmpalette) on

@mobilemag - Mobilemag displays professionally shot pictures by different artists and puts their name out there to be discovered.

@streetartnews - Streetartnews posts graffiti, and well, I like graffitti.


The work of 2Alas in Switzerland #streetart #streetartnews @2alasofficial

A photo posted by StreetArtNews (@streetartnews) on

@ofhumans - Of humans gives aspiring photographers the chance to get their art featured and exposed to the world, which gives interested people like me the chance to find out about them.


Photo by @sandrofalduto Oh my f

A photo posted by apparel/feature acc (@ofhumans) on

@jeffstahl_art - Jeff Stahl has an awe inspiring talent of making some kick-ass sketches that amaze me.


It could have been a happy birthday. RIP Amy. 💔 #amywinehouse

A photo posted by Jeff Stahl (@jeffstahl_art) on

@jasoncharleshill - Jason Charles travels a lot and I am trapped here, so I enjoy watching his pictures because it shows me parts of the world I would like to discover myself someday.


Mountain Roads 🍂 @wildernessNZ

A photo posted by Jason Charles Hill (@jasoncharleshill) on

@kareemgouda - Kareem either motivates me or blows my mind with his art. He also puts a smile on my face with his not-always-dorky photos.

@tameemyouness - Tameem is a modern day DaVinci with a sense of humor.


A photo posted by Tameem Youness (@tameemyouness) on


Stay updated with Omar's latest videos and posts through YouTube and Facebook