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Win Big at Le Marché

Le Marché - Egypt's biggest and best furniture and design expo - is back for its 34th edition and our favourite brands are in a giving mood. Find out how you can win prizes from Image, Kuka and Dokan Boutique!

It's December, which means it is that time again... No, we aren't talking about Christmas, we are talking about the return of the annual Le Marché furniture fair. Entering its 34th year, Le Marché has developed the reputation as being the best expo for furniture builders and interior designers looking to shine a light on their creations. Taking place at Cairo International Conferences Center starting from December 19th and running until the 22nd, Le Marché promises to be the best bet for finding unique pieces to make your home reflect your personality.

If the potential of finding a one of a kind piece of furniture isn't enticing enough, then consider the fact that some of your favourite furniture shops are getting into the seasonal giving spirit. During the four day fair, Dokan Boutique are offering the first person to take an Instagram of their favourite pillow at the stand, tag @DokanBoutique  and use #IheartIt , will instantly win it for free when they show the post to the staff.

Does it get any better? Absolutely! Looking to get in on the social media action, Kuka are giving away a brilliant, comfy recliner to the person who Instagrams themselves on their recliner, tag @KukaEgypt under #KukaLiving, and gets the most likes.

Not to be outdone, Image is offering a similar deal, asking its patrons to take an Instagram photo of their favourite Image item at the fair, tag @ImageEgypt under #MyImage. The two with the most likes will each receive 5,000LE worth of Image's vouchers!

There is nothing worse than buying a piece of furniture, only to find the same piece in a relative’s home, so don't miss Le Marché, as it is your best chance to create your own unique home and for, the few that are lucky, at the perfect price; free!