Sunday April 2nd, 2023
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Yogis to Follow So You Don’t Lose Your Quarantined Mind

We've curated a list of yogis with online sessions to keep you centred and save you from cabin fever.

Staff Writer

Don't let cabin fever get to you. Take a deep breath with one of these nine yogis and where you can find them on Instagram. They are all holding online sessions without getting you out of your living room. Or your bedroom. Or wherever you like to transcend your crown chakra. We don't judge.

FARAH NOFAL @farahnofal__
Detach from the Corona chaos by following famed Egyptian yogi Farah Nofal's at-home-yoga moves. She also focuses on core moves to get you those abs of steel.

YOGA BIL ARABI @yogabilarabi
Basma Masri’s famed ‘Yoga Bil Arabi’ digital platform has opened doors for yoga lovers across the Arab world. Follow one of her classes on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

SHADANA YOGA @shadanayoga
With emotional and mental wellness being her main focus, Shadana Yoga has the well-rounded holistic energy we need to get out of our heads and into child’s pose.

YOGA WITH AMAL @yogawithamal
This Bahraini gem gives us the keys to Hatha, Vinyasa, and pre-natal yoga flows we didn’t know we needed.

AMINA TAHA @aminahtaha
As an instructor for Alo Yoga, one of the biggest names in the community worldwide, Amina Taha is the New
York-based Egyptian yogi to look up to. And as a young mother, she is the epitome of #fitnessgoals.

REEM HOSSAM @reem.hossam
The force behind #YogaWithReem, this Cairo-based yogi posts regular tutorial videos on her various flows. Focusing on teaching us the perfect Kapotasana (backbending) techniques she makes the most intimidating poses seem accessible.

THE DESERT YOGINI @thedesertyogini
Operating in Arabic, this yogi’s videos focus on the big picture of South Asian wellness, showing that it's a therapy for more than just the body.

The founder of and MoTivation Wellness Hub, Haidy is a certified professional in the world of fitness who sees nutrition as central to practicing effective yoga.