Monday 5 of December, 2022
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YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Launch in the Middle East

When it comes to Egypt, however, has yet to be disclosed.

Staff Writer

YouTube has YouTube Music, a new music streaming application and YouTube Premium, a paid subscription which provides an ad-free experience on YouTube, are now available in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman and Qatar.

With its massive and diverse musical catalogue on YouTube, the YouTube Music app is designed to offer people the music they love and help them discover new songs and artists. Music is the second most popular category on YouTube in the Middle East after entertainment. 

YouTube Music subscriptions start at $4.99 (19.99 AED, 19.99 SAR) and YouTube Premium at $5.99 (23.99 AED, 23.99 SAR).  Both services will roll out to all users in the upcoming weeks, starting September 10.

Key features of YouTube Music include a rich musical catalogue of official singles and albums, to covers and remixes within the app’s smart user interface. Other features include smart search; a feature that allows users to find songs with just lyrics, and offline smart downloads that automatically downloads up to 100 songs on their mobile device. The application’s homepage showcases a special “Discover Mix” feature that curates playlists based on past listening habits and users’ likes.

On the other hand, key features of the YouTube Premium application include an ad-free, stress-free viewing experience, background play, offline access and an included YouTube Music subscription that allows users to reap the benefits of the application without any ads. Users of both platforms receive a free trial month, as well as Samsung Galaxy users can enjoy up to 4 months of free, uninterrupted, advertisement free access bringing together an incredible viewing and listening experience.

“For over a decade, millions of people in the Arab world have come to YouTube to watch, learn and listen. Music is the second most popular category on YouTube and it continues to grow. We’re excited to launch YouTube Music which will give our users access to the massive YouTube music catalogue, helping them find the music they love, from new releases to iconic classics and from viral covers to live performances,” says Tarek Abdalla, Regional Director of Marketing at Google Middle East and North Africa.

“We’re also excited to launch YouTube Premium, an ad-free subscription service that allows our users to watch all videos on YouTube without ads including offline viewing, background play and other amazing features,” adds Abdalla.

“We’re proud that the Middle East’s rich musical heritage has a home on YouTube and we’re excited about bringing it closer to our users with YouTube Music. We built YouTube Music to help people find and enjoy the music they love whether it's through official releases or iconic music videos, bringing artists closer to their fans. YouTube Music will help people expand their musical world and tastes because it’s a smart service that also helps you discover new music and artists you are sure to love,” says T.Jay Fowler, Director of Product Management and Music Products at YouTube.