Friday September 29th, 2023
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13 Things Only GUC-ians Will Understand

There are a few things that GUC students go through every day that only they can truly can understand. Here's a list of 13 of these things that happen around the GUC Campus.

Staff Writer

Every university has certain idiosyncrasies, things only its own students will truly understand, and GUC is no exception. From 3am Saad to the (non existent) food court, here are 13 things about the university that every GUC student will nod their head in agreement and say "ahhhh" when they hear...

3am Sa3d.

When you’re broke and don’t know what to eat, 3am Sa3d is there to save you with their 10 LE kofta and 12 LE pasta.

The stoners' corner. 

That place behind a certain building, where everyone goes to blow off some steam. Yeah, you all know what I’m talking about. 

Applied Arts students and their supposedly “weird clothes.”

“El banat betoo3 applied arts beybano men be3eed.” Really? REALLY? Just because our style doesn't mimic yours doesn’t mean you can diss our clothes. Okay, maybe the bubble wrap is a bit much, but hey, it's fun! Don't judge.

Smell of dead fish.

Why in God's name would I ever want to go on campus and smell dead fish? WHY? Why does the campus always have a latent dead fish smell to it? WHAT HAPPENED ON THIS CAMPUS?

The famous “yeb2alak geneih” when you buy anything from Pronto.Whether you buy a sandwich, a chocolate bar, or coffee, they’ll always tell you to come back later for change. They probably make a fortune by the end of the week with all the genehat they keep.


Going on a diet? GUC is the perfect place for you. In fact, you’ll probably starve to death. Even worse: no food after 5 PM. What do you mean el akl kheles? But I’m hungry!



There’s NEVER a parking spot anywhere. What, am I supposed to park from the night before?

English Professors.

This is probably how you feel when you hear their fake British accents or just their plain bad English.

The food court. 

Or should I say the non-existent food court? It’s been a year since they said there’s going to be one.



The bajillion toilet paper rolls that are always there, and no sink? What’s that about?

The so-called “security check.”

“El shanta 3al tarabeza ya anesa.” They literally open the zipper and just close it again. How is that a security check? If I have a bomb in there, chances are they won't even notice.

Lines. Lines everywhere.

Oh, the dreaded moment when you decide you want to eat. Anywhere you go, you have to stand in a line. What is this? Taboor el 3eish fe wst el balad?

The bus.

Smelly and crowded, you basically sit on top of the person next to you. And, oh man, if you're tall...