Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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6 Amazing Day Trips to Take on 6th October Holiday

An odd day off in the middle week is a chance to explore your surroundings. From a quick drive to Fayoum to wonders of ancient Cairo, there's no shortage of fun to be had...

Staff Writer

In the land of holidays comes 6th October, a national holiday day commemorating Egypt’s 1973 war against Israel. With celebratory spirits high, the question is what can be done in a day that won’t leave you too exhausted to go back to work the next day? In an effort to help you seize the day, we decided to compile a list of 6 one-day trips and experiences to take that we often have no time for.

Quad Biking in Sakkara

Quad biking in the Sakkara region has been around for years, but ask yourself honestly, have you ever done it? If you haven’t then you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Why not take the day to have a rip around the desert. Some of the faint of heart may feel that it is too dangerous; if that is the case we won’t make fun of you, but suggest replacing that quad with a horse or camel, which there are plenty of in that particular area.



Located only a 100 km southwest of Cairo, Fayoum is a perfect day trip. With Egypt’s breathtaking Wadi El Rayan waterfall, a beautiful oasis, ancient site of Crocodilopolis, a Hanging Mosque, and Valley of Whales, there is no shortage of sights to see. With many Egyptians never finding the time to explore less popular destinations, the 6th of October is excellent opportunity to explore this treasure filled city.

Instead of a Mall Take Your Friends Somewhere Fun


Many believe there is no fun to be had in Cairo, and that the only place or thing to do is to go to the mall. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. On 6th October celebrate Egypt’s military victory by re-enacting it in a fun game of Paintball. Too violent? No fret! What about going to an amusement park like Dream Land, or heading to 6th of October to give bubble football a try. The truth is, there is fun to be had, the question is are you willing to commit to doing something different?


Wine Tour at Gianaclis Vineyards


Located two hours away from Cairo along the Cairo-Alex desert road is the beautiful Gianaclis Vineyards. If you are tired of drinking at a bar, why not consider visiting this vineyard and tasting the finest wines Egypt has to offer including; Ayam, Leila, Aida, Cape Bay, Chateau De Reves and more all displayed in wine racks along the brick walls in their gorgeous cellar. There you can pick out your favourite wine, including a limited edition of Ayam Red, which in our opinion is the best wine to come out of Egypt as it spends more time in the barrels than the regular Ayam Red. From knowing how to tell difference in taste to seeing the grapes in the vineyard to learning about the wine making process this is the perfect day trip for beginner or connoisseurs wine drinkers.

Take a Scenic Walk


Take the day to take nature in. All too often we are stuck in a metal cage on wheels surrounded by twisted metal emitting exhaust threatening to suffocate a nation. Why not take the opportunity to get as far from traffic as possible? To do so without going too far, we suggest going to a park or taking a hike in Wadi Degla. If you have a dog than you owe it to him to take him on a nice walk, so take the day to reconnect to nature and escape congestion.

Explore Islamic Cairo


Photo provided by Ahmed Seddik

Sadly, too many of us have yet to explore our historical sites. On this national holiday why not visit Islamic Cairo? With the bustling Moez Street providing plenty of history consider skipping the Starbucks and having a coffee in some of history's earliest coffee shops. The whole area is historic with buildings dating as far back as to the year 970.