Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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CairoScene Eid Guide 2016

Between all the nighttime raves and the parties on the beaches of Sahel, are we even going to find time to eat ka7k?

Staff Writer

This year, Eid has demanded its rightful attention by showing up right at the beginning of July, which means the sun will be stalking your back as you make your way to the countless things happening around –and outside – the city... and there's a hell of a lot. Raves, parties, grand openings, wicked lineups – it's all happening this Eid, and we've got all the deets. You can thank us with lots of ka7k.

Tuesday July 5th


BRGR Truck Opening @ Diplo & Hacienda

BRGR will be serving up their deliciousness of warm buns, grilled beef patties, and signature BRGR bomb cheese and chilli fries to the hungry crowds of North Coast before or after long party nights.

Start time: 12:00 PM
Reservations: 01013330614

Wok and Walk @ Lakeyard Hacienda Bay

Have some fried noodles on the wok while you're hanging in Sahel, which is starting to look a lot more Asian now that Wok and Walk is opening in Lakeyard Hacienda Bay. #WokingInSahel

Start time: 3:00 PM


DJ Ahmet Kilic @ Taracina Country Club

Ahmet Kilic is back along with the whole team of Omr & Adry, Irma, Moro Vitch, Nada, and Santos, for a night of straight Deep House tunes.

Reservations: 01117998707 or 01141520871 or 01119115464 or 01019975818.
Start time: 9:00 PM

Eid Dinner Buffet @ Citron Renaissance Hotel

Citron will be tending to your needs with an open buffet dinner on the first day of Eid to get your Eid binge started!

Reservations: +(202) 24063333
Start date: July 5th at 6:00 PM
End date: July 5th at 11:00 PM
Price: 175 LE

Mirage Café Eid Brunch @ JW Marriott Hotel

Looking for a trip around the world this Eid? No need for a plane ticket, for Mirage Café will be featuring European acts from across the pond while you munch on a scrumptious Eid brunch.

Reservations: +(202) 24115588
Start date: July 5th at 1 PM
End date:
July 7th at 5 PM
230 LE

Eid El Fitr @ Sofitel El Gezirah

You get a room overlooking the river Nile, and head down for breakfast at SUD that will be having pancakes, waffles, Eid sweets, and shawerma, then you head over to lunch - internationally before you dine in an exquisite buffet. La Palmaraie will be having shisha, oriental tunes, and a belly dancer, while Kababgy will be back to normal with an oriental takht! Harfoush will be up on the second day of Eid, while Niazy will be doing their thing on the third.

Reservations: 02-27373737
Start date: July 5th
End date: July 9th
Price: 299$ per night

Brunch @ Four Seasons First Residence

Lazy late mornings are how Eid is spent early on the day. We get you. Four Seasons get you too, which is why they're offering their Eid brunch at Strada, along with Eid room rates that are almost asking you to switch off your alarms off!

Reservations: 02-35671600
Start date: July 5th
End date: July 9th
Price: 345 LE

Prince and Princess Competition @ Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Hotel

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski hotel are running competitions between the in-house guests' children all throughout Eid for Prince and Princess!

Reservations: 0223899000
Start date: July 5th
End date: July 9th
Price: 1,500 LE per night

Special Promotions

Sofitel Old Cataract Hotel Aswan

You'll be getting a 15% off of food and beverages, along with a 25% discount on spa treatments, and a complimentary upgrade! You'll also be checking in early, and checking out late.

Reservations: 097 2316000
Start date: July 5th
End date:  July 9th
Price: Single rooms are for 110$ and double rooms for 130$

Sofitel Winter Hotel Palace Luxor

Summer may be at the doors, but Winter Palace is here! You'll be getting a 15% off all food and beverages, early check in, late checkout, and a complimentary upgrade!

Reservations: 095 2380425
Start date: July 5th
End date: July 9th
Price: Single rooms are for 90$ and double rooms are 110$

Lazib Inn Resort Fayoum

If you're in for some relaxed escapism where you can actually hear your own thoughts this Eid, Lazib Inn is offering some cool discounts up to 30% off spa treatments!

Reservations: +(208) 46820000
Start date: July 5th
End date: July 9th
Price: 1,800 LE per night

Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh Hotel

If you need us to tell you reasons why you should pack your bags and head to Sahl Hashees where Oberoi is having premium rates and water is everywhere, then you should sort out priorities, then book a room now.

Reservations: 0653440777
Start date: July 5th
End date: July 9th
Price: 1,750 LE per double room

Mena House Hotel

Literally waking up in their basement would still grant you a killer view!

Reservations: 02-33773222
Start date: July 5th
End date: July 9th
Price: Pyramids view rooms start at 1,300 LE, garden view at 1,100 LE, and the big grand deluxe for 2500 LE

Ramses Hilton Hotel

Just for the Eid time, they're offering 15% discounts when dinning in-house. No reasons to stay at home anymore!

Reservations: 02-23946902
Start date: July 5th
End date: July 9th
Price: 475 LE per double room

Stella Di Mare Resort

While half of the population is relocating their positions somewhere in Sahel, Ain El Sokhna is still as hot as ever!

Reservations: 062 3250100
Start date: July 5th
End date: July 9th
Price: 825 LE for all their three hotels Sea Club, Grand Hotel, and Golf Hotel

Intercontinental Citystars

No plans for Eid? Pick up your phone, call a good pal, and head over to Intercontinental Citystars for the night!

Reservations: 02-24800100
Start date: July 5th
End date: July 9th
Price: 1,500 LE per double room

Wednesday July 6th


Ahmet Kilic @ Sky Pool & Park Opening

Ahmet Kilic is already lining up on almost all Sahel parties, and he's joined by Kareem Gamal, Proof, Nada, along with an opening set by 2T.

Reservations: 0102 690 0044
Start time: 12:00 PM

Sachi by the Sea Opening @ Hacienda

Sleep all day and party all night! In Sachi’s case, binge for Eid all evening with their lunch offers, and burn off the calories with their nightlife party!

Start time: Lunch from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM, then the party will start from 10:00 PM.

Summer Times with Karl Wolf @ Tabla

Summertime Sadness? Karl Wolf is your cure. He's coming to Egypt and mixing up his pop tunes with Lebanese derbakeh. He'll be joined by DJ Nenio and dancer Maya for extra fun!

Reservations: 0114 000 0033
Start time: 11:00 PM

Aguizi & Fahim, Nourre Fahmy @ Exit

Aguizi & Fahim, along with Nourre Fahmy, will be making sure your getaway is sporting the most upbeat soundtrack to ever exist.

Reservations: 0120 620 2927
Start time: 11:00 PM

Eatery Opening @ Sahel

Taking their main elements from the Tagamoa store all the way to the beaches of the North Coast just in time for party and food! Or party food!

Start time: 3:00 PM
Reservations: 01013330614


Stranded in Cairo ft. Feedo @ Cairo Jazz Club

Guess who's back? Cairo Jazz! And in case you find yourself stranded in Cairo, there's Feedo's Hip Hop and R&B tunes to hold you over.

Reservations: 02-33459939
Start time: 10:00 PM

Fabric @ The Tap Maadi

Sewing the party pieces back together is Fabric who's headlining the night at The Tap Maadi.

Reservations: 010-16000558
Start time: 10:00 PM

Motion ft. Martin @ The Garden

We're guessing it's the whole Garden experience is enough to set you in motion, along with a great hand from DJ Martin.

Reservations: 0100 826 3000
Start time: 10:00 PM


Eid Bash Party with Kid Chris Hurghada

Little Buddha has grown up to be a big ass Buddha with an epic Eid bash alongside German superstar Kid Chris.

Reservations: 01220001961 or 01220211221 or 01117700570
Start time: 11:00 PM

Eid Festival @ Papas Beach Club Hurghada

Nobody does Eid parties like those folks around the Red Sea, and Hurghada's Beach Club promises 40 hours of groove-worthy mind-blowing music with Milkshake, Gorgeuse, Sawg, and Sport Chiller. 

Reservations: 002 0106 883 3556 or 002 0106 883 3552
Start time: 11:00 PM

Turn It Up @ Grand Lodge Club Gouna

Pack your bags, head to Gouna, and maybe just never come back. To give you something to do on the first night of Eid, DJ Teddy will be lighting things up at Grand Lodge Club with killer mixes.

Reservations: 0127 330 3302 or Gouna extension 35515
Start time: 10:30 PM

Diving Eid Trip @ Marsa Alam

Bdiver is putting together a big ass trip to Marsa Allam that involves a lot of relaxation, activities, and a splurge on food! For their full all-inclusive package, you'll be having breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snorkeling, all for 1,500 LE per person.

Reservations: 010 94 390392 or online here
Start time: 4:00 PM

Finding Nemo @ Marsa Alam

Snorkel with the dolphins, dine at restaurants, and party by the pool – the Marina Lodge in Marsa Alam will be having you for two nights for a huge Eid celebration.

Reservations: 01003402252 or 01271116286 or 01115135758
Start time: 11:30 PM

Price: 1035 LE including transportation

Thursday July 7th


The White Party by 6ix Degrees

Ramy DJunkie is up behind the decks for one of his signature sets along with incredible performances and surprise acts! We'll keep them a secret for now.

Reservations: 012-24566666
Start time: 10:30 PM

Abou Samra, Baher, and Fayek @ Exit

The ultimate trio – Abou Samra, Baher, and Fayek – are all gathered under one roof. Where? Right next to the 'Exit' sign.

Reservations: 0120 620 2927
Start time: 10:00 PM


It's up to you to cleanse and detox, and yoga meditation sessions by the Sahel beach sound heavenly.

Reservations: 01278663371
Start time: 5:00 PM

Price: 150 LE per class, or 300 LE per day, or 500 LE per weekend, or 1,500 LE per 10 days (all prices per person)

BeFit @ Hacienda Bay Lake Yard

The champs have chosen this Eid to start their quest for toned abs and Egyptian Jen Selters with grilling workouts!

Start date: July 7th at 11:00 AM
End date: September 17th at 12:00 PM


Miesh @ Cairo Jazz Club

Miesh's Deep House tunes will keep your party vibes young and alive while you get your jam on on the dance floor.

Reservations: 02-33459939
Start time: 10:00 PM

Hiphop w/ Midoz @ The Tap Maadi

Midoz should bring you some style and swag with his hip-hop tunes - not like you don't have enough already!

Reservations: 010-16000558
Start time: 10:00 PM

Doaa Hegazy ft. Bibo S. @ Hakamoro

Somewhere along the lines of Doaa Hegazy's sultry belly dancing and Bibo's tunes will you find yourself lost on the dancefloor.

Reservations: 01000050103 or 01064444609
Start time: 10:00 PM

Eid @ Graffiti Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel

Graffiti's going all out this Eid and bringing you belly dancer Oxana, DJ Ramon, Drummer Shaaban, along with a live percussion show by Hamdoon, and Ghazal on electric oud.

Reservations: 02-27917000
Start date: July 7th at 8:00 PM
End date: July 8th at 11:00 PM
Price: 500 LE


X Night @ Colour Beach Club Hurghada

We can't wait to witness the kickass set of non-stop tunes that German DJ Nakadia has put together for Eid.

Reservations: 010-64602030
Start time: 11:00 PM

Price: 350 LE

Statements @ Alchemy - Sindbad Club Hurghada

With Bulgarian stars Ahmed Kilic and Ivan Deyanov behind the decks for the very first time, and Sam Loca B2B BSKF for a crazy warmup, the night is bound to get crazy!

Reservations: 0102 8315555 or 0102 5611016
Start time: 11:30 PM

Ten Ibiza @ Elements Night Life Hurghada

Ibiza's resident DJ Oriol Calvo is up behind the decks for the second day of Eid.

Reservations: 01288826660 or 01272212299
Start time: 11:00 PM
Price: Pre-sale tickets are 150 LE, and tickets at the door are 250 LE.

Friday July 8th


Signature Night with 6ix Degrees

Why is it signature night? Because DJ Eli Abi and Maya will definitely be leaving their dazzling mark all over everyone on the dancefloor!

Reservations: 01276666426
Start time:
11:30 PM

Aura Arena Grand Opening

The most anticipated party place, Aura Arena, is opening up its gates this Eid with a wide selection of sick DJs including Mike & Aly, Jeremy Olander, and Stephan Bodzin.

Start time: 10:00 PM

Ouzo & Sebzz @ Exit

The stellar lineup of Third Son, Baher, Fayek, Ouzo and Sebzz will be making sure you're definitely not feeling homesick while you rave it up on the Sahel beach!

Reservations: 0120 620 2927
Start time: 10:00 PM


Stranded in Cairo with Miesh @ Cairo Jazz Club

Party demons are homeless this Eid? Miesh is back behind the decks with an RnB set that might put Jay-Z and Beyonce to shame.

Reservations: 02-33459939
Starting time: 10:00 PM

Hiphop w/ Fedde @ The Tap Maadi

Bring them golden chainz - yes, we wrote that with a 'z' - and the baggy jeans for the swag factor with Fedde taking the decks this Eid.

Reservations: 010-16000558
Start time: 10:00 PM


Le Cirque a Gouna @ Sliders Cable Park

Sliders will be having stilt walkers, jugglers, high wire artists, acrobats, exotic performances, and all the colours of the Vegas circus spectrum.

Reservations: 01026022226
Start time: 10:30 PM

Love Buddha Eid Edition with DJ Irma Hurghada

DJ Irma's hit single is Where The Fuck You Were?, and we might just be asking the same question if you miss this night.

Reservation: 065-3450120
Start time: 11:00 PM

The Giant Feast Boat Party @ Hurghada

FOAM POOL PARTY!  All aboard the giant boat with the incredible European lineup and four levels of food, drinks, activities, and a scoop room to stalk sea animals.

Reservations: 00201229911537 or 01094284901 or 
Start time: 10:00 AM

Saturday 9th July 


Eid with 6ix Degrees

6ix Degrees are wrapping up the Eid festivities with a little bit - A LOT - of Shik Shak Shok with big stars Amina, Mostafa Haggag, and Maya, along with the one and only performer Amie!

Reservations: +20 122 456 6666
Start time: 11:30 PM

Ouzo @ Ciel

Ciel is French for heaven, and DJ Ouzo sort of looks like a Greek God, so we think that's enough to let you know how he'll be making you feeling like.

Reservations: 01003507744
Start time: 1:00 PM

Heshek Beshek @ Tabla

Shaabi superstars Hossam Hosny and Mahmoud El Leithy will be singing songs that will have your hips shaking uncontrollably Shakira might get a bit jealous.

Reservations: 0122 055 5550
Start time: 9:00 PM

Karim Ossama,A.Salah & Abou Zaid @ Exit

For the wrap of the Eid festivities, Karim Ossama, A.Salah, and Abou Zaid will be handling the Disk Jockey duties and you handle the dance moves.

Reservations: 0120 620 2927
Start time: 11:00 PM

Pool Party W/ Marc Wahba @ The Tap North

Party poolside with Marc Wahba and Omar Sabh for the grande finale of the Eid weekend!

Reservations: 01060000867
Start time: 12:00 PM


Saturday L’oriental @ Cairo Jazz Club

How else could you wrap up a bangin' Eid weekend than with good ol' Egyptian oriental tunes? Basheer's got you covered, just bring the shimmys and head over to CJC!

Reservations: 02-33459939
Start time: 10:30 PM


Sport Chiller @ El Gouna

Summer bodies, here we come! Sport Chiller makes working out fun for the whole fam-bam with activities like wakeboarding, spinning, volleyball, tennis-table, Zumba, and more. You don't just wake up fit, no?

Start time: 1:00 PM