Monday February 26th, 2024
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Portrait of an Egyptian Criminal

Take a look at six of Egypt's most dangerous criminals, currently detained. Try not to be terrified by their photos.

Staff Writer

Yara Sallam

Age: 29

Job: Human Rights Activist and Lawyer at EIPR

Arrested by plain clothes police officers while buying water from a kiosk

Main conviction charges: Thuggery

Serving a 2 year sentence.


Age: 27

Job: Freelance Photojournalist

Arrested on the job, taking photos of the dispersal of pro-Muslim Brotherhood protestors at Raba'a

Main conviction charges: None. Held without trial for 2 years. The maximum period to hold a detainee without trial has been exceeded. However due to the dangerous threats he poses, he is still detained.

Mahienour El Masry

Age: 27

Job: Human Rights Lawyer

Went to court of her own free will

Main conviction charges: Breaking into police station and assaulting police officers

Serving 2 year sentence

Esraa El Taweel


Job: Amateur photojournalist

Snatched while having dinner in Maadi with friends and was kept blindfolded for 15 days not knowing where she was.

Main conviction charges: Spreading false news. Not yet tried legally by a court.


Mahmoud Mohamed

Age: 19

Job: Student

Arrested while walking home for wearing a t-shirt that says “Nation Without Torture.”

Main conviction charges: None. Held for almost 2 years without trial. Endured torture.

Ahmed Douma

Age: 29

Job: Blogger

Arrested at his home.

Main convicting charges: Vandalism, inciting violence, breaking protest law

Sentenced to life in prison.