Saturday April 20th, 2024
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Abdalrhman Drops Vivid Release ‘Everything Is In Full Effect/ION-U'

The rising Egyptian producer comes through with two atmospheric bangers, ‘Everything Is In Full Effect’ and ‘ION-U’.

Zaid Kreshan

Abdalrhman Drops Vivid Release ‘Everything Is In Full Effect/ION-U'

Cairo-based producer and audio experimentalist Abdalrhman has shown his talent and appreciation for sonic manipulation time and again through his otherworldly releases. The young producer uses audio processing, evolving musical structures, and vivid soundscapes to deliver his unique style of experimental electronic music.

Having just released a two-sided single, ‘Everything Is In Full Effect' and 'ION-U’, the producer seems to be doubling down on his industrial direction. In this release, Abdalrhman takes us through an unstable atmosphere full of mechanical sound effects and distorted musical elements, held together by droning pads and cataclysmic drum sounds.

The release starts with the A-side, ‘Everything Is In Full Effect’, where Abdalrhman wastes no time establishing the track’s intense energy. We are immediately met with explosive drums and percussions, followed by an eerie melody played through a sporadic, mallet-like instrument. The track then calms down momentarily as the producer guides us through an ambience section brought to life by an array of sound effects. Here, we are met with what sounds like bubbling liquids, malfunctioning machinery, and static electricity coming together on top of a faint drum beat. As the beat comes into the foreground, we hear the atmospheric elements fade out, leaving us with a minimally arranged sonic field where Abdalrhman experiments with distortion effects, adding a bit-crusher to multiple elements of the track.

On the B-side, in '‘ION-U’, Abdalrhman delivers a calmer, more hypnotic track that uses ambient textures and metallic percussions. The producer uses a distinct drum pattern and industrial sound effects that make it seem as though we are deep inside a production line's inner workings. Mechanical imagery comes to mind through the track’s deliberate use of repetition, as the evolving soundscape continues to revolve around the main drum pattern.

Listen to Abdalrhman’s Everything Is In Full Effect, ION-U here: