Sunday October 1st, 2023
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Abo El Anwar Is Ruthless in New Music Video ‘MSH HA7EL’

You already know it’s a hit when you find Abo El Anwar and Lil Baba on a new release.

Ahmed Khalaf

Funky, fresh, with resilient camera-presence as always, Egyptian rapper Abo El Anwar is both a badass and a madman in new music video ‘MSH HA7EL’, produced by none other than Lil Baba. Local collective ‘El Mexic’ residents never seem to disappoint, constantly showing up with a range of styles, colorful palettes, hard-hitting beats, and smooth-as-butter flow.

Repping his usual energetic aura and saucey delivery, Abo El Anwar flexes heavy on this single, which draws influence from the subject matter of late 90s NYC hip-hop. Fancy cars, balling brands, a muse, and a menacing yet perky performance from Abo El Anwar. ‘I don’t care for anything but you (his girl), my family, and my friends”, Abo El Anwar says, touching on the sneakiness of our current generation. Lil Baba keeps it hard-hitting yet simple, having the 808s act as the main attraction of the track, layered with a dulcet violin riff and sinister-sounding bells at different sections of the single.

Abo El Anwar acts as two different figures in the video: a rich person who indulges in all things luxury and foreign, with a classy yet menacing attitude. On the other hand, he’s a madman strapped to a Chanel straitjacket, being injected with something to cool the anger in him.

Though at first glance the video seems like another typical rapper flex – could there be a deeper message implying that if Abo El Anwar is not careful, the fame and luxury may drive him insane?

Watch the video, produced by Code Media Productions, below.