Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Abyusif Flexes Production Skills in Teaser Tracks from Upcoming Album

Three short teaser videos build anticipation ahead of the rapper’s upcoming album.

Ahmed Khalaf

Not all rappers produce, but it’s always a plus when a rapper knows their way around a certain digital audio workstation (DAW) or flexes their knowledge of music production, lending their final track the right refining touches and helping them exert fuller control over their projects.

A star in delivering bars, it’s less common knowledge that Abyusif also produces from time to time, shifting from the heat of the mic to create his own beats. In three new teaser videos on his Instagram page, the Egyptian rapper flexes his beat-making abilities.

With the productions lined up for long-time collaborator Abo El Anwar, rising rapper Taffy, and himself, Abyusif maintains his 2021 hot streak with two high-intensity trap tracks ‘7rb’ and ‘Mamlaka’, and relaxes with a mellow, old school style in ‘Esteraha’, all working to build further anticipation ahead of his upcoming album.