Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Ahmed Shawly Founder of Wall of Sound Record Label On Signing Artists

Scene Noise x XP Conversations: Scene Noise x XP Conversations: Ahmed Shawly on signing a record deal with his label, Wall of Sound and the importance of the indie music music scene.

Scene Noise

Ahmed Shawly is the co-founder and CEO of Wall of Sound recording studio and label based in Saudi Arabia. Shawly and his Wall of Sound were of the first labels to focus primarily on the indie music scene, paying particular attention to genres like hard rock, synth-pop, and psychedelia and singer-songwriters at large. In the past Wall of Sound has worked with artists like Statues of Sinking Men, Fulana, Dirty Backseat, Baskot Lel Baltageyya, and more.

In this sit down, Shawly sheds light on what it means to sign with Wall of Sound, and why the alternative music scene, particularly genres outside of the mainstream, should be cultivated as a means of expression relevant to youth culture.

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