Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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Alexandria’s Fady El-Tellawy Produces High Voltage in ‘PWR LVL’

Thrilling Alexandrian producer Fady El-Tellawy breaks sonic boundaries with latest hypnotic techno tune ‘PWR LVL’.

Ahmed Khalaf

Alexandria’s Fady El-Tellawy Produces High Voltage in ‘PWR LVL’

Alexandrian techno royalty Fady El-Tellawy is a musical menace. His wardrobe of productions seem to jump from genre to genre, having a broad range across house, techno, and trance beats. While his previous outing with ‘Nirvana’ saw him embrace a hypnotic trance vibe, he retains the hypnotic aura over a thumping techno track in ‘PWR LVL’, which is in fact induced with high levels of power.

‘PWR LVL’ goes straight to the point with a banging kick pattern and crisp top-hat percussions, automated to show their colours gradually. Fady makes use of a nasal synth-line hand-in-hand with the rectified bass in a call-and-response manner, opting for a heavily distorted sonic selection. The synthesis is ever-evolving as the track goes by, leaning towards contrasting linear progressions throughout the different segments in ‘PWR LVL’.

Fady’s fatidic ear gives him the ability to select, curate, and produce distinguishable and diverse tracks across his sets and releases, offering a hard-hitting perspective, straying away from the abundance of commercial electronic music available.