Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Egypt’s Molotof Invites Arab Producers to Battle With Their Beats

Intended to champion unsung heroes and spotlight underground talents, #Arab_Producers_Battle is gathering steam across the Middle East.

Ahmed Khalaf

Rap beefs and cyphers have been an essential part of hip-hop culture for decades, and the tradition is still going to this day as a measure of rappers’ wits and skill - but what about the producers? Egyptian beatmaker, Molotof, seems to have asked himself this question, too, and has launched a competition for producers across the region.

In simple terms, it’s like a cypher but with beats - no words, no disses, no bars, just beats. The first round consisted of producers sharing their work on Youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud, and some even Spotify, then using the hashtag #arab_producers_battle on Twitter or Instagram to enter it into the mix, before Molotof shared his favourites on his profile. The second round gets more intense as it turns into one-on-one challenges, each one with different rules depending on what’s agreed between the two producers involved. For his own face-off, Molotof called out Hammorabi and they settled on each choosing four songs from which the fans will vote for their favourite, then both producers will flip the same sample and the fans decide who made it better. Essentially, every producer can create their own rules. 

The competition doesn’t have any finalists, titles, numbers, or prizes - this is simply to shed a spotlight on the unsung heroes across the region, to extend a helping hand to underground beatmakers to enjoy the view that Molotof is enjoying at the top.

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