Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Egyptian Artist Pink Seasalt Drops Carefree Summer Jam 'Slip N’ Slide

The track is an ode to Erasmo Carlos’ Vida Antiga, featuring groovy basslines, dreamy care-free lyrics, fleeting synths and energized trumpet notes.

Scene Noise

Photo Credits: Rad Nad

As the heat of summer envelops us in its scorching embrace, it’s beginning to feel like the only thing that can help us escape the mundanity of our air-conditioned offices is a nice cold drink under a beach umbrella, and Pink Seasalt just released the best soundtrack for our summer fantasies.

‘Slip n’ Slide’ is an uplifting indie rock track released by Egyptian artist Pink Seasalt and co-produced with Baraka, full of groovy basslines, an infectiously catchy drumbeat, fleeting synths and energised trumpet notes.

According to the artist’s social media, the track is an ode to Erasmo Carlos’ Vida Antiga, incorporating the same inherent laid-back essence that is almost synonymous with harmonies and guitar riffs. The interplay of instruments sets the stage for the singer’s dreamy, care-free lyrics, allowing listeners to get lost in the music's playful embrace.

The star of the show if we’re being honest are the subtly intricate electric guitar licks played throughout the song, blending into the background at times and coming into the spotlight at others, particularly during the outro.

Pink Seasalt released his debut album ‘Out Of Luck’ last May, tackling ideas of nihilism, self doubt and imposter syndrome and featuring artists from Cairo, Alexandria, London and Paris.