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Egyptian Rapper Budgy Heads to London for New ‘Business Man’ Video

The track is marked by UK rap undertones, a shift from his locally-touched last work.

Egyptian rapper Budgy has seen a busy start to 2021: with six singles already under his belt, the versatile rapper continued his hot streak by releasing latest track 'Business Man’, accompanied by its own music video.Released under Egyptian record label IV.RIN and produced by Egyptian producers and DJs Issa&Assouad, ‘Business Man’ becomes the latest in the line of offerings seeing him collaborate with the duo. In contrast to his last single ‘One Hit Wonder’, which embraces Egyptian rap traits, ‘Business Man’ is marked by British rap undertones. With witty lyrics and English references, the single illustrates Budgy’s versatility.

Staying on brand with the track, the music video is shot in London. Directed and edited by Korsal, it sees the rapper in various sites in the capital including, and why not, Selfridges.