Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Egyptian Rapper Rozzma channels his crime-fighter in ‘Ashrar Alfetar’

Following up his 2022 electronic and Shaabi-driven release ‘Fayadan’, Egyptian artist and producer Rozzma delivers an anthemic, genre-fluid arrangement for his latest track ‘Ashrar Alfetar’.

Zaid Kreshan

Egyptian Rapper Rozzma channels  his crime-fighter in ‘Ashrar Alfetar’

Translating to “bad guys for breakfast”, the track aptly explores sonic themes of grandeur through evolving horn harmonies and an unfolding arrangement. Rozzma’s cinematic approach to the instrumentation of this track helps bring its altruistic hero-themes to the forefront as the artist takes on the ambitious feat of folding orchestral textures into an electronic, Shaabi-inspired framework.

The track starts with a rubbery acid house bassline playing triplet notes on top of a four-on-the-floor kick pattern. Rozzma’s call-and-response vocal style sets the track into motion as the Shaabi rhythmic elements kick in, which combine to express Rozzma’s signature sound, which he has been developing over the years. Tensions then build as scattered electric guitars are heard moving throughout the sonic field, leading up to the cinematic chorus of the track. At this moment, we are met with a larger-than-life horn arrangement that plays in full glory over a sparse drum sequence.

Rozzma then comes in with the line ‘Bakol Ashrar Alfetar’ translating to “I eat bad guys for breakfast,” channelling his inner crime-fighter over the vivid instrumental. ‘Ashrar Alfetar’ tastefully incorporates elements from across electronic, post-rock, and orchestral music in an unfolding and evolving arrangement.