Tuesday May 30th, 2023
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Egyptian Singer Nayda Shanab Drops Feminist Bars in Single ‘In A Box'

Nadya Shanab ventures into hip-hop in her latest single and music video, ‘In a Box’.

Farah Desouky

Egyptian singer Nadya Shanab ventures into hip-hop and R&B with her latest single, ‘In a Box’, alongside a daring new music video. Shanab has been known for her serene vocals, and Arab folk fusion releases, whether in her debut album ‘El Mahrousa’ in 2011 or her single ‘Habeit Ao’llak’ in 2020, however ‘In a Box’ presents the artist in a striking new light.

Shanab rebels against the gendered social structures that confine her, patriarchal labels and ‘boxes’ that trap Egyptian women - she does this through a mix of downtempo beats and satirical lyrics. Produced by SINTAX, the track is driven by a unique combination of synth textures bringing the beat to life as Shanab’s flow attempts to challenge the realities of women in Egypt.

The music video for ‘In a Box’ embraces a DIY aesthetic, visualising symbols and caricatures of womanhood, to literally a little girl inside a carton box. Throughout the track, Shanab combines anecdotes relatable to women with wit, simplicity, and a catchy hook.

Watch the full video here: