Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Hoosh Featured in First Track from The C!rcle’s ‘249 Experience Vol2’

The Sudanese hip-hop super group's second all-Sudanese compilation gets a kick-start from compatriot Hoosh in '22 Solace'.

Ahmed Khalaf

After the huge success of the first volume, Sudanese hip-hop supergroup, The C!rcle, return with A 249 Experience Vol2, kicking the sweeping compilation off with none other than Hoosh, who features on the album’s first single, ‘22 Solace’. 

The number in the title represents a spiritual theory, the angel number 22, which implies a person is on the verge of gaining great wisdom - which informs Hoosh’s lyrics, as he talks of chasing big dreams while staying humble, and the wisdom he has garnered in striking that balance.With a guitar-focus beat, the reverberated instrument simply floats from the speaker straight to your heart, matching Hoosh's vocal harmonies and flawless delivery.

Known for his endeavours in blending hip-hop and R&B over dulcet acoustic instrumentation, Hoosh is a rapper who always has something meaningful to say and his messages and lyrics are the most potent weapons in his arsenal.