Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Jordanian Artist Idreesi's Latest Track is 'From the Heart'

The indie-pop ditty 'Mn Galbi' is the third single from the Amman-based artist's upcoming new album.

Scene Noise

Amman-based artist, Idreesi, has had paticularly interesting second half of 2021, as he marches towards the release of a new album. Previous tracks, 'Amman' and 'Al3ab' painted the album as a twinkling, retro-informed pop piece and the third follows suit.

'Mn Galbi' (or 'From the Heart) takes on calmer tones than its predecessor, something event reflected in Idreesi's somewhat restrained, weary performance, compared to those in the videos of the aformentioned other singles. There's a sadness to a song that sits closer to indie pop and than those more disco-inspired singles and it offers another peak into what will likely be one of the most interesting albums of 2022.