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Kilma is Soulful & Melacnholic in Genre-Defying 'Simple(r) Times'

Infused with masterful synth beats and waves of bass, the track’s sensory experience is only heightened by the Egyptian artist’s commitment to spotlighting awareness of the Palestinian cause.

Young artists have been steadily making a shift towards genre-bending, crystalising this generation’s constant crusade to not be boxed in, dichotomised, or confined to any one label or category. This notion has taken on a life of its own, transforming into an all-encompassing cultural lattice interwoven with the very essence of dynamism.

Kilma’s new single, ‘Simple(r) Times’, is a microcosm of the contemporary indie music scene. Transcending the mere need for genres, the single is an indication of just that - a simpler time for creativity, art and music. A destruction of the old, of conformity. A blank slate for young artists to express, embody, and illustrate the creative reality they aim to perpetuate.Dancing around the axis of mellow lead synth, the track debuts seductive vocal riffs by th. Mixed by fellow Egyptian and synth maestro, Kubbara, his essence is apparent throughout the single - everytime you try to make out the lyrics, a wave of synth picks you up and gently lays you down elsewhere in the track. It’s essentially everything you would associate with an entrancing, delicious VHS-esque trip. Although the lyrics are obscured by the insurmountable bass and tantalizing vocalizations, you can’t really tell what they’re actually saying it but this isn’t a hindrance in the slightest; if anything, it only adds to the allure of the track and the experience it engulfs you in for the couple of minutes it goes on for.

Topping it off, Kilma announced that 100% of the Bandcamp proceeds from ‘Simple(r) Times’ will be donated to Palestinain Children's Relief Fund.