Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Shaabi Experimentalist Rozzma Is A Star In Fresh Single 'NGM'

Rozzma is back again with another unconventional piece of production in ‘NGM’.

Ahmed Khalaf

Shaabi Experimentalist Rozzma Is A Star In Fresh Single 'NGM'

Egyptian experimental rapper/producer, Rozzma has kept a relatively low profile ever since his hit collaboration with Dina El Wedidy and Abyusif in ‘Mashofaksh Tany’. Rozzma is one of those artists who makes music for the love of it rather than clout or money purposes, which is evident in his sonic direction and experimentations.

Now Rozzma has returned with his freshest single ‘NGM’, a mysterious, perc-heavy production which sees the unconventional artist return to his signature style. Rozzma typically prefers his sonic aesthetic to come out eerie yet full of energy, defying the rules of commercialism and pop arrangements. Rozzma is self-assured and laid back while instigating his fame and position within the scene.

The single is accompanied by a trippy 3D video, which sees Rozzma across various scenes in his star walk. You can find him sitting of top of a skyscraper lordly while working out at the sametime, also using a supercar as a form of a skateboard, an index of the wild creativity Rozzma has to offer.