Wednesday March 22nd, 2023
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Shreet Cocktail | Jan 21 - 27

Shreet Cocktail is SceneNoise’s weekly playlist featuring new releases across the pop, indie, alternative and electronic music landscape from the MENA region.

Scene Noise

This week’s Shreet Cocktail is packed with punch, travelling across synth-pop, dream-pop, electronic and more. The list features newcomer Nour with ‘Outta Control’, Zeina’s ‘Whatever’, MoJaNad’s ‘Law’, Kouz1 with ‘Ana’, and ‘Picture’ by Xena Elshazlii. It also includes tracks by Makar & DYSTINC with ‘Alone’, El Waili’s ‘Qadar’, Sharmoofer’s ‘Je Suis Malade’, Elos Byuri’s ‘Bi Sura’, D33pSoul’s ‘Lamouni’. There’s also a range of fresh collaborations including, ‘KOAST & Rathchopper’s ‘LOWKEY’, Hleem Taj Alser & DJ with ‘Jazzar’, Bklava & Jamie Boy with ‘It’s Your Time’, and finally ‘Bawabt Al Qahira’ by Wengt.

If you have any suggestions for tracks to include, please send your picks to: | Subject: Shreet Cocktail.

To listen to full list on Spotify, click the playlist link below: