Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Sudan's Hoosh Let's His Hair Down in New Video 'Holding'

The rapper's usual introspective themes take a backseat for a track and video that's all about fun.

Ahmed Khalaf

Sudan's Hoosh Let's His Hair Down in New Video 'Holding'

Sudanese rapper, Hoosh, has garnered a reputation for his deeply introspective music, for tracks and lyrics that see him face his demons, his past and his future head on. In his latest release, however, he quite literally lets his hair down and has fun.

The video for ‘Holding’ is a mishmash of retro homages and influences, as Hoosh parades around in a ridiculous and hilarious wig-and–moustache combo in a spectacular string of outfits.

The video itself doesn’t bear much reflection of the track, which is a sweet, longing love song, but it still retains a fun, light, bouncy vibe - a diversion from Hoosh’s usual work.