Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Sudanese-Hailing WalGz and Soulja Go Hard In New Single ‘Mentality’

WalGz is set to release his long-awaited debut EP soon, but first – a teaser. Meanwhile, Soulja flexes a new style on this new single ‘Mentality’.

Ahmed Khalaf

Sudan’s rap scene has been buzzing in the region for some time now, with a wealth of new talent constantly surfacing through the cracks. Every artist hailing from Sudan brings with them their own unique flavour and distinctive style – no two Sudanese artists are the same. 

This is precisely why two Sudanese artists joining forces on one track becomes the exciting ordeal that it is. It belies the profound connection of two people, bonded by history and race, and yet embodying their twin identities in completely different ways. This phenomena can be witnessed on one of the latest hits to come out of Sudan: ‘Mentality’, by WalGz and Soulja.

Produced by rising Egyptian producer Swish (formerly known as On-Mars), ‘Mentality’ is a statement by the Sudanese duo targeted at everything stale and lame. The Arabic word for ‘mentality’ in modern Sudanese slang means “hip” or “cool”. Sonically, Swish offers a chilling trap instrumental, having the piano act as the main attraction within the beat, allowing WalGz to flow with ease. ‘Mentality’ also sees Soulja experimenting with a relatively new tone and delivery, though the experiment comes off flawlessly. 

WalGz’ rise to the top is approaching along the horizon, with the artist constantly demonstrating impressive vocal range and meticulously crafted rhymes. 

WalGz and Soulja are set to perform at Cairo Jazz Club 610 this Saturday 12th of March 2022 for a debut Egyptian performance. Listen to their track ‘Mentality’ below.