Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Tunisia’s Ammar 808 and Syria’s Hello Psychaleppo To Perform In London

The Jazz Club presents two of the brilliant producers who fuse together psychedelia, funk, and modern production methods with Arab music theory and groove.

Ahmed Khalaf

Two of the region’s finest Arab-fusion producers, Tunisia’s Ammar 808 and Syria’s Hello Psychaleppo, are set to bring their Middle Eastern selections and live performances to one of London’s esteemed restaurants and nightclubs, The Jazz Cafe for their special Kahareb night, dedicated to the techno, electro-chaabi, bass house, psychedelia, and more on the 2nd of July.

Tunisian producer Ammar 808 saw his breakthrough following the release of his album ‘Maghreb United’ back in 2018, utilizing a fusion of deep TR-808 bass and Pan-Maghreb sonic textures. The release of his latest album ‘Global Control / Invisible Invasion’ saw him heading to the city of Chennai in the Tamil Nadu region of Southern India, collaborating with local artists and deeply discovering the rich and vibrant culture and sonics of the region.

Innovator of the ‘electro-tarab’ sound, Syrian mastermind Hello Psychaleppo is set to join Ammar 808 at the Jazz Club, offering his signature fusions of traditional Laventine grooves and textures with a modern twist of electronic music. The producer’s album ‘Gool L’ah’ was a masterpiece, being the first to combine Arab music theory and rhythms with electronic sounds and instruments (synthesizers and drums machines).

An unmissable night bringing together two of the region’s brilliant producers who mesh the soonics of the East with the West. For tickets and reservations, visit this link