Thursday March 30th, 2023
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NoiseTV will be Broadcasting Liquified All Assets Live From the Heart of Downtown Cairo

At 2 PM sharp, this Friday, November 17, we will be live streaming DJ sets from Ahmed Samy, Chiati, and Juffy.

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#NoiseTV will be Liquifying All Assets and LIVE broadcasting sets from Ahmed SamyChiati and Juffy on the Scene Noise Facebook page - If you can't come dance at LAA in person, we will beam the party straight to you. 

As part of Liquify All Assets (LAA), the broadcast will commence at 2 PM sharp on Friday, November 17th, and will last through 6 PM. These talented artists will be performing on the rooftop of the Old Library building inside the Greek Campus, framed by the epic backdrop of the Downtown Cairo skyline. The party will start with Chiati for one hour. Followed by Juffy for another hour, and then local veteran wax spinner Ahmed Samy will take the broadcast home ending it promptly at 6 AM before the day's headliner - Hubble - takes over to be followed by our home grown musical export - $$$TAG$$$. 

This will be the first time NoiseTV broadcasts anything other than our flagship party Noise Sessions - our previous live streams can be viewed below:

Episode One ft. Hisham Zahran, Nadim Mokhtar & Mazen Hamdy Episode 2 Ft. Azaar, Aly B & Nourre FahmyTune into the Live Stream at 2pm this Friday, November 16 on the Scene Noise Facebook, and for more information on Liquify All Assets visit their Facebook page.