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Final Lineup of the Egyptian Leg of elrow's Middle Eastern Tour has been Announced

John Aquaviva, AND.ID, Eddy M, Tini Gessler are all going to be gracing our glorious Nile side Mohamed Aly Club alongside Abou Samra, Misty, and Hafez.

If you have been living under a rock on the outskirts of the deserted waste lands of Egypt's furthest corner you will have known by now that Spanish party sensations elrow are partnering up with Desperados, coming to Egypt as part of their Middle Eastern tour. After two stops else where in the region, namely Lebanon and Israel, elrow is bringing its carnival show to Cairo, only this time the theme is changing and instead of the circus/carnival show they have become to be known for, they are going ancient on your collective asses with a Nomads, New World theme.

With Desperados in the picture, your inner tequila is going to be doing the unleashing this time, sending you through a space portal back in time to a mythical land of magnanimous portions of your favourite flavoured beer, fairy-tale creatures, and the most banging tech house your ears have ever perceived. International selectors consist of John Aquaviva, AND.ID, Eddy M, and Tini Gessler. Aside from our international visitors, elrow are banking on three local giants of the Egyptian tech scene. Blurr Entertainment founder and all around talented promoter/DJ/producer - our latest in line of international house music exports - Abou Samra, Internationally recognised DJ/producer Misty, and last but not least, potently talented tech house connoisseur, Misty's second half; Hafez.

Aside from the regular truck loads of confetti, and instead of the usual clowns, acrobats, and circus freaks you will find cave men and other historical representations including medieval characters, Bedouins, fantastical Egyptian creatures, and even two-meter high blue space people. Now we know that sometimes it is hard for you to envision such extravagance and might believe that the above mentioned is an overtly exaggerated marketing gimmick, here is a little something to get your imaginary juices flowing.Find out more on elrow's Facebook here and follow Desperados to stay up-to date with all their latest happenings.