Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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New Abyusif Music Video: Shit! Msh La2y Wala T-shirt

Homegrown Hip-Hop/Rap talent Abyusif strikes again; this time around he can't find any t-shirts to wear!

Staff Writer

New Abyusif Music Video: Shit! Msh La2y Wala T-shirt

Abyusif – a.k.a. Youssef Altay – is one of Egypt's hottest Hip-Hop/Rap talents; he has been steadily climbing the ranks and, in the process, ending the careers of anybody that stands in his way. He has beefed with some of the hardest rappers in the Arabic Rap arena and come out victorious. His latest song has nothing to do with any of the ongoing beef he has; it's a melancholic track with a title that translates to Shit! I Can't Find Any T-Shirts! The video clip is really cool and complements the abstract lyrics with its own abstractness. Released on YouTube, the video is one of the most professional looking videos Abyusif has released so far, and for a reason. It is a professional video clip, and credits go to Ali Abdel Mohsen for direction, Adam Bahgat as D.O.P, Yousef Nageh for editing, John Wageeh for colour correction, and B-Cube Creative Studios for production.Abyusif raps about how he maintains his class whilst throwing up at a dinner party, and that he can sleep while he stands, quickly logging in an hour of shuteye – insinuating that he always has to be on his feet. Like most Abyusif tracks, the song doesn't necessarily give an account of a story, but more of Youssef strutting his lyrical stuff, and showing off his unique flow. What's really cool about this song, and most Abyusif tracks, is that the artist manages to pull you in from the first bar to the last; it never gets old! 

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