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Portrait Avenue Release New Album and Video for Spiral

Seems like Egyptian artists are upping their music video game these days, as Alexandrian Indie Rockers Portrait Avenue release a documentary-style video to accompany the first single off their latest album...

After winning the coveted Red Bull Bedroom Jam in 2013, Alexandria based Indie Rock outfit Portrait Avenue have been on quite the journey, being offered the opportunity to record their debut album Rainbow Escalator at Red Bull's studio space in Madrid. The video for their first single release from the album Spiral captures some of that journey as Belal Mohamed Ali (vocals) Tarek Hussein (keyboards), Emad Adel (Bass), Ragy Haddad (lead guitar), Ahmed Nasser (Violin/Mandolin), (Shady Samir) Saxophone and Wadie Nader (Drums/Percussion) wonder the city, jamming and finding inspiration. If this is your first introduction to the band which started from an impromptu jam session just a few years ago, then you're in for a treat. Mohammed Ali's Cedric Bixler-esque floating falsetto douses the bands particular brand of Funk and classic Rock riffs in originality. Inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd (of course) and Radiohead (of course) Portrait Avenue ooze class and imagination and we expect you'll be hearing more and more of them in the coming months.

For now check out the video for Spiral below.

 Raindow Escalator is out now on iTunes and Spotify. Check out Portrait Avenue on Facebook here.