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RBMA QTF - Vol.11

As part of their Quarter Tone Frequency radio project, Red Bull has just released Volume 11 of its monthly radio show, which spotlights some of the best talent coming out of the alternative music scene in the Middle East. Have a listen here...

Every month the modish crew over at Red Bull release an hour-long radio show that spotlights the emerging alternative music talent in the Middle East. The show is part of their Quarter Tone Frequency radio project; an exploration of authentic oriental sounds, tracking the vibrations of the independent music community across the Middle East.

Four hosts from across the region, including James Locksmith from UAE, Tamer Gargour from Jordan, Brother Jackson from Lebanon and our very own Safi from Egypt, curate the best underground tracks coming out of their nation for the month. Volume 11 of the series has just been released, and it's rather a great listen featuring tracks from the likes of MAii and Zeid, Hello Psychaleppo, and Cosmo. Listen to the show in full below...