Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Two of Our Favourite DJs to Headline Cairo Jazz Club's Friday Fever Night on the 17th

Local electronic music sensations Misty and Ouzo are set to headline Cairo Jazz Club's Friday Fever night on the 17th, so we catch up with the artists to get the low-down on what they have in store.

Staff Writer

A blatant discourse in the local scene where most DJs are adopting the same sound has been putting us off from attending some parties all together. Cairo Jazz Club understands that we need to listen to quality house music that has not been recycled from last weekend's events, and to accomplish that they have booked two of Cairo's original house music instigators. The two DJs sharing the bill on the 17th, Misty and Ouzo, need no introduction, but in case you have been living under a particularly sound resistant rock, here is the low-down. 
Ouzo grew up in the scene, winning the 2005 Heineken Thirst DJ competition, solidifying his career as resident to one of Egypt’s most celebrated nightlife establishments - Pacha Sharm El Sheikh. This allowed him to open for and play alongside some of the biggest international names in the industry. Now no longer just an in-house DJ, he plays all over the country and is a key booking in most events. 

Moustafa Sheta aka Misty has been an integral part of the scene since the mid 2000s, playing alongside some of the biggest international visitors to hit our country as well as regularly pumping out some of the most celebrated productions, and landing record deals on some of the world's best underground labels. He has been flown out to play abroad on several occasions cementing himself as one of Egypt's most in demand DJs.

We caught up with both artists to get an idea of what they have in store for us next Friday.

Misty, what are you planning for your coming CJC gig next Friday? What kind of music can we expect from you?

I feel like the vibe in CJC is always leaning towards house music and that's what I always tend to go for there.

Okay, so Ouzo, what are you preparing?

I'll be playing a mix of deep, progressive, and tech house, and I might drop some melodic techno. Also, I have a lot of unreleased material that I'll be playing out for you guys.

Tell us about a song or an artist that you are embarrassed that you like.

Misty: I'm never embarrassed by music I like, but there is a song that I don't switch off the radio when it plays.

Which song would that be?

Misty: Rihanna - Right Now

Okay, Ouzo?

I don't think I like any songs that would embarrass me, but I've always idolised Michael Jackson - when I was a kid I would try to dress and dance like him...

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