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First-Ever 25hours Hotel in the Middle East Opens in Dubai

25hours Hotels has arrived in Dubai, bringing its eclectic style into the Middle East for the first time. No two rooms are the same!

The Middle East’s first-ever 25hours Hotel has set foot in Dubai, welcoming French hospitality brand Accor’s popular European eclecticism into the UAE. Dubbed the 25hours Hotel One Central, the new location has opened the doors of its 434 key location overlooking the city’s Museum of the Future, where it seamlessly blends nomadic and contemporary design aesthetics, helmed by renowned interior design firm Woods Bagot.

Guests will naturally begin their vacation in the lobby where they will be greeted by the ‘Fountain of Tales’, a massive display equipped with seating spaces and bookshelves featuring over 5,000 titles, so you can read the afternoon away while entranced by the sounds of flowing water, essentially IRL ASMR.

On the top of the fountain is a rotating globe showcasing the artworks created by an array of local artists inspired by the concept of a modern nomadic lifestyle. If they scan their eyes up to the ceiling, they’ll be met with a stunning piece of art, ‘Under the Same Sky’ by Dominik Bulka, which was inspired by the constellations.

Onto the actual rooms. Each one of their sanctuaries draws from local influences and adopts quirky design elements like hammocks, double rainfall showers, roll-top baths, Schindelhauer bikes, analogue telephones, and UE Boom Bluetooth speakers.

There is no overarching theme for all the rooms. Instead, each room has its own, creating a unique and individual experience each time you book in, such as the Bedouin Room, Glamping Room, Farmstay Suite, and the Artist Village Suite.

One of the hotel’s most unique services is their ‘Analogue Upgrade’, which delivers guests the opportunity to reminisce the simpler times. Packaged in a large trunk-case and delivered to bedrooms, the experience includes VHS tapes, vinyl, typewriters, Polaroids, amongst other nostalgic memorabilia in a bid to encourage their guests to take a break from today’s digital world.