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Wander the Valley of the Whales with 'Mount Dream' Tours

The trip from Mount Dream offers you the opportunity to learn about astrophysics, star constellations, check out the incredible whale fossils at Wadi Al-Hitan and more.

For this week’s edition of our #exploreEGYPT series, we bring you a trip to the mesmerizing and incredibly special Wadi El Hitan, otherwise known as the ‘Valley of the Whales. Taking place next weekend between November 13th and November 14th, this UNESCO World Heritage Site serves as a hotspot for campers and stargazers to check out the winter constellations, and fossil hunters who live to gawk at the ancient remains of the world's oldest whales.

The trip features a tour of the open-air and closed whale fossil museums at Wadi El Hitan, where you get to see the fossils of whales that have been extinct for over 40 million years. While you're out camping, you’ll get the low-down on the different constellations, learn how to connect them to create shapes, and learn about the navigational characteristics, and the difference between normal constellations and zodiac constellations, as well as important desert survival and camping skills. The trip also offers an introductory session on Astrophysics in general, astrobiology and planetary science, and a session on astrophotography. It’s also recommended that you find time to watch Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar (2014), since a discussion of the film is also on the itinerary. On the way back to Cairo, you’ll stop at Mount Al Modawara to watch the sunrise above the gorgeous Morris Lake.

The trip is priced at EGP 460 for Egyptians and EGP 650 for foreigners. The cost includes transportation, camping tickets and tickets to Wadi El-Hitan national park's open-air and closed museums. The price does not include food, but you can opt for dinner at an additional fee of EGP 130 per meal.

Visit the event page at for itinerary and booking details, or WhatsApp +2 015 5218 9101.